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Hi and welcome. My name is Prem Sundaram,  a freelance Technology/Software Product & Project Manager and founder of Sundaram Applied Technologies, based in Venice Beach, California.  From this page you can learn about various projects I have created and continue to. My company provides me the vehicle to create and explore many innovative ventures and products.

If you are a startup building an application and need some consulting assistance to ensure you get to launch (and beyond..), check out my startup and founder focused offerings under my service   

I focus on technology and software startups.  I led a materials science startup called Circular Materials as CEO, and have recently mentored a few climate change startups as part of the Clean Tech Open accelerator. I also plan and manage some of my own software ventures such as NoteDex - my index card note taking and project management app for professionals, consultants and project managers - just like me in fact :-)  

Over the years I've worked on helping founders develop and launch lots of different technology and software products. From design - to planning - to management. I love the challenge that each new project offers - as well as the joy of seeing a vision emerge into a product and being used. Brainstorming the vision, creating prototype, surviving the lack of funding - it's a thrill for sure!

I have developed a number of tools and techniques over the years to help ensure success in launching software and this is my area of expertise.  If we work together I will advise you and your team in topics such what are best software tools for your development teams to use, how a project can be better managed with executives, and even how to utilize critical thinking frameworks such as a Business Model canvas, or my own Technology Product Canvas which aligns technology tasks with the needs of the product team to ensure focused execution.

I understand and have experienced the challenges you are facing - getting a clear vision in place, having an action plan, ensuring dev and product teams are on the same page, and keeping everyone on track and focused to keep momentum going.

Small startups and Founders don't always need (or afford) a full-time technology team but they do need some assistance - particularly in the areas of product planning and project management, software development planning, and task tools and structure like Jira and Agile/Scrum.   Lots of money and time can be wasted when there a lack of clarity, plan or structure. It doesn't have to be this way!

I like to work on a part-time basis with interesting technology startups. I hope we can have the opportunity to talk about your venture and how we might collaborate in a way that works for both of us.

Thanks for visiting, and let's get your software launched on time! Connect to me on LinkedIn and let's continue the conversation!